Happy 25th of July



This tiny slice passed to each other and handled so delicately, timing each and every pause, glance, and bated breath.

A spar? More like a fluttering of words, branching out into categories or endings; no backtracking now.

I am a hypocrite; I hide behind my veil of hidden meanings, weighing the words, while trying to decipher you, and I don’t know who I should blame when I fail to do so.

such cruelty, spinning round and round within the different pathways. Who?

I do not know the numbers. Is this the last such exchange? Possible, this dictates another ending/a different route to take/the same old, same old

I cannot see it. I cannot see you.

Working hard to get rid of the sugar, I present my thoughts, or so you think. Or so I think.

Can I replay this? Can I save this? Can I do it all over again?

I do not know, and I walk away, still imagining consequences.


June 2014 aka the month when I actually did regular updating

EDIT: what the hell WordPress I attached an image to this and it isn’t showing up

I’m pretty certain I posted this in a category too


oh well I just realised when editing a post WP allows you to fullscreen and if you don’t move your cursor for a while it’s just black letters in the middle of an all-white background and it looks really cool and minimalist

kinda reminds me of OMMWriter actually without the audio


I cannot believe how good Grimes’ new song Go is

people are complaining ‘oh my god, Grimes and dubstep?!?!?!?! she sux now!!!! ih8 her!!!!’ SHUT UP. She said she wrote the song for Rihanna and that it would be ‘different from regular Grimes’.


she’s finally enunciating and her vocals are beautiful

don’t know how I feel about the last third of the song, just isn’t as exciting as the front bits, but the drop is amazing

and the lyrics

the lyrics
[Verse 1]
Dreams, they feel like memories when I dream of you
Time won’t stay, it’ll stretch itself out from a minute to days
And I’d like to think that we don’t dream to win it all
‘Cos I’ve been here

[Chorus 1]
Living up, giving up
When I go, can I go with you, you?
When I go, can I go with…
Go, go, go, go, go with
Go with
Go, go, go, go, go

[Verse 2]
Happy scenes, a stupid dream when I dream of you
They don’t stay, it might all be delusion but I couldn’t say
And I’d like to think that we don’t dream just to dream it all
‘Cos I’ve been here

[Chorus 2]
In love, give it up
When I go, can I go with you, you?
When I go, can I go with…
Go, can I go with (x6)


hiatus: update

i’ve written like 20 pieces in the I swear I love drabble series, including some Interludes that are in a different format, but I won’t post them all at once because I want the series to be spread out. however I haven’t done too much else, other than a HUGE Touhou fic I’m super proud of

once I get that done it’s coming!! I’m super excited

as a writer I am incapable of writing long serieses with a coherent plot throughout, I prefer one-shots, but this fic is like my baby

it has some plot too


temporary break

yo, just got my mac back, it’s still making crackling sounds and safari crashes once every 5 mins, but i’ve got chrome so it’s all good

some of the keys don’t work but sigh this is still better than i could’ve hoped for, no data loss yet (?)

so there’s gonna be another hiatus while i sort things out and start grinding on fr, i’ve been away too long

creepy or not?


blast a song. any song. a good song.

blast it 6 times until your ears are nauseous
tell me how it felt at the middle
and then what happens at the end?
i don’t know. i need you to keep playing it
i need to hear it. say anything. say cute things angry things
say my name

keep talking and talking till i wanna claw your eyes to shreds
i said blast that song 60 times