Not even the purest of heart can hold out against Team Rocket’s corruption.

It’s getting colder in here.

I’ve long since lost track of the days since I saw the sun… or anything, really.

Why is it so cold?

All I know is that I’m alone, floating in some dark space that I haven’t been out of for ages.

It didn’t use to be like this. My trainer would let me out at least everyday, and take me for walks, knowing I had to stretch my short legs.

But where is he now? There’s nobody here.

I’m scared. I wish I could talk to somebody, like the other Pokemon he had. The Cyndaquil was nice enough, except for the times he accidentally set the others on fire with the flames on his back that would erupt at random moments.

I’m close to weping. It’s too cold, I’m so alone, and it’s scary here in the darkness. Something isn’t right.

I’m really scared… why would this happen to me? It’s unfair, I’m just a baby.

All of a sudden, I feel a surge of energy course through me. I materialize in the real world, blinking in confusion. My first thought was that my trainer had come for me at last.

Rough hands grabbed me and picked me up, and I felt a noose being slipped around my head, causing me to squeal in fright.

Evil-looking humans with a big ‘R’ emblazoned on their shirts talked to each other as they studied me. ‘Pichu,’ one said, while the other nodded in agreement. ‘Level 5, quite a weakling. No wonder his trainer abandoned him. Fear not, little one, we’ll help you with your condition soon enough.’ They laughed, and I whined again, uselessly ThunderShocking the rope that held me captive, which for some reason didn’t fall apart from all the high voltage flowing through it.

They were right, I was weak.

Those bad guys chucked me into a cage with other captured Pokemon, all of them squirming and begging to be set free.

‘Who are you and what have you done with Red?!’ I yelled in my own language, despite knowing they wouldn’t understand me. The Meowth they had with them did, though, and said something to its masters that made them chuckle.

One of them, a goon with bulging muscles, bent down until he was at eye level with me.

‘Don’t need to worry about your dear trainer anymore, we’ve taken good care of him,’ he snarled, while one of his companions tapped away at the PC, retrieving yet more Pokemon to be tied up and kidnapped for some dastardly means.

Red… Help me, please?

I cried, frightened and worried about my trainer, struggling futilely before the Meowth tired of my tricks and Scratched me. Being of much higher level than I was, he drained my HP with that one blow and I fainted, still thinking of the happiness I’d shared with my trainer just a few weeks ago, or was it a few months?

Red, Red, where are you? Why haven’t you saved me yet…? HELP ME, OH PLEASE RED HELP MEEEEEEEE-

‘It is done.’

The scientist’s cold voice was the first thing I heard upon waking up.

He gazed upon me with raw pride, just as a father would look at his newborn child at birth. From his glasses, I caught sight of my reflection. I was a Raichu with a ferocious expression, strong and ready to serve, my tail twitching in anticipation of battle and my whole body humming with deadly electricity.

I remembered nothing of my past life, only a fierce and undying loyalty to Team Rocket, whom I’d serve for the rest of my life..

I would fight for them, taint the land for them, and even- yes- kill for them.

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